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Hind Stalking - Availability on request

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Red Deer Stalking

Season: 1st July – 20th October

Corriemulzie Estate is proud to have one of the finest deer forests in Sutherland. With over 30,000 acres of stalking ground, Corriemulzie is able to stalk two rifles per day, with a weekly expectation of 6 stags per rifle.

Under the guidance of the Estate's keeper, stalking can take you to some of the most beautiful places on Corriemulzie Estate, with stunning panoramic views over the Scottish Highlands, stretching as far as the Summer Isles on Scotland's west coast.

Yearly stalking Averages

Red Deer
Season Stags Hinds
2013 92 120
2014 93 127
2015 96 133
2016 94 148
2017 95 176

The vast majority of our stalking is Red Deer, but there is also the opportunity to stalk a Sika deer on request.

Stalking is available from 1st August - 20th October.

Hind stalking is also available from the 21st October – 15th February.

Guests are able to use their own rifle, but the Estate is able to supply first class equipment; a 25-06 Sako rifle fitted with a sound moderator and Schmidt & Bender optics, if required.

For those guests wishing to just stalk and not fish, it may not be possible to accommodate you in our two Lodges during the fishing season, as our fishing tenants take priority.

This is not a problem as there are many local hotels and guesthouses that will be happy to accommodate you, the closest being the newly refurbished Oykel Bridge Hotel