Corriemulzie Estate, situated deep in the Scottish highlands, is one of the finest sporting estates in Sutherland.

Boasting over 30,000 acres of Red Deer stalking ground, three Salmon rivers and seven fishable hill lochs, Corriemulzie never disappoints.

Located one and an half hours north of Inverness and 6 miles up a private track, Corriemulzie Estate offers two sporting lodges, Corriemulzie Lodge and Drumvaich Cottage, each with private Salmon fishing and Trout fishing on the rivers Mulzie, Rappach and Einig, and seven hill lochs. Red Deer stalking is available for two rifles on the Estate's stunning, but challenging hillside, with a weekly expectation of six stags per rifle.

If the fishing and deer stalking don't take your fancy then you may enjoy trying to scale the Estate's own Munro, Seana Bhraigh or walking the hill paths to Ullapool. The scenery is perfect for photographers and artists alike, and there is also plenty to do locally, such as golf, boat trips, falconry, sight seeing...